Cari Pantun

Understanding Pantun

Pantun is one of a long poem which is very widely known in the languages of Nusantara Indonesia. In the Java language, for example, is known as parikan and in Sundanese known as paparikan (sisindiran). Typically consists of four lines rhyme (or four rows when written), rhyming a-b-a-b pattern and end with aaaa (no aabb, or abba). Was originally Pantun is a oral literature but now found also that the written poem.

All forms of verse consisting of two parts: sampiran and content. Sampiran is the first two lines, often associated with nature (supporting communities characterize the agrarian culture), and usually have no connection with the second part that conveys the purpose other than to deliver the rhyme. The last two lines are the contents, which is the purpose of these rhymes.


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